Human Resources: British Petroleum Case

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British Petroleum

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Question 1

  • What was BP’s overall strategy with respect to organizational processes since Horton’s appointment as CEO and through Simon’s term?
  • Did this strategy focus on people management and, if yes, in what ways?
  • Was it successful or unsuccessful? How?


Question 2

  • Describe first Horton’s and then Simon’s leadership styles.
  • Identify the differences, if any, between them.
  • How do you perceive these two leaders and, in view of class readings and discussions, how appropriate or inappropriate in your opinion their actions might have been?


Question 3

  • Do you believe Horton’s and Simon’s leadership styles to be determined by personality or do you see them as acquired or both?
  • Bearing in mind class discussions and readings, justify your answer.


Question 4

  • What similarities and / or differences can you detect between the leadership styles of Emma, Jobs, Horton and Simon?
  • When analysing your personal leadership style, who would you more easily identify with and why?

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