Google Case Study

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Google Case Study

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I/ What were the key factors behind Google's early success?


II/ Do you expect the search business to become more concentrated (i.e.: dominated by fewer firms)?


III/ Is search a winner-take-all business?


IV/ In renewing its deal with AOL, could Google afford to pay AOL more than 100% of the revenue generated from AOL searches?


V/ How did Microsoft's maximum affordable bid for AOL's search traffic compare to Google's?


VI/ In addition to enhancing its core search business, should Google also branch out into new arenas? Which of the follow would you recommend:

- Building a full-fledged portal like Yahoo's

- Targeting Microsoft's desktop hegemony; and / or

- Becoming an e-commerce intermediary like eBay?

- A possible recommendation for Google : to enter the mobile phone market


VII/ Do you view Google's distinctive governance structure, corporate culture and organizational processes as strengths or potential limitations?





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