Business Ethics : Cosmetic Testing on animals

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This is a [...]? paper [...] where you will present, analyze and discuss a business ethics dilemma directly or indirectly related to your personal experience, or a specific business issue you became interested in during the course of your studies, or [...]? as citizen. During the seminar, you will have the chance to familiarize with some example of "business ethics dilemmas" ...

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Writing the paper will require additional individual research on a specific

company, or industry, or around a specific issue. For example, one could focus the

paper analysis on a company such as Google, or on the ethical issues facing the I.T.

industry, or on the issue of human rights across different industries.


The paper should include the following elements:



An introduction of the business ethics dilemma situation, presenting the various (e.g.

economic, legal, social, cultural, political, psychological, ethical) aspects that in your

opinion matter to analyze the possible decisions (3-5 different choices should be

presented, and their rationale explained);



An analysis of all the stakeholders involved; Who are they? What are their interests,

rights, expectations and claims around the issue?;



A discussion of the different stakeholder positions on the issue pointing out their underpinning rationale with reference to ethical theories;



The presentation of personal view of the student on this debate (e.g.: Why does it

interest you? What are the implications for your future career and, more in general,

for our society? What are the further issues to be considered/ investigated?). ?

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