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1. Identify the order winners and the order qualifiers of the following business:

a.Manufacturer of seats for an automotive assembler

b.Small firm that develops web pages



2. Take the characteristics of lean manufacturing from the slide we used in class. Which of those aspects are easier to implement? Why? Which are more difficult? Why?


3. Identify the common issues between the “HP DeskJet Printer” (SCM seminar) case and our manufacturing experience with LEGO pieces.?


4. In our Lego experience, the person who puts the small ships was never the bottleneck of the line, in spite of the distance that he or she should cover. Why??

?5. What did you learn from the “The Beer Game”??


6. Why can we not consider your performance in the Beer Game as an input for grading this course??


7. Take the following variables: “Consumer loyalty” and “Use of technology”. Construct a matrix (in Schmenner’s style) with these two variables and illustrate through an example each one of the four areas (high-high, high-low, low-high, low-low) that you will obtain.?


8. What did you learn from the Southwest Airlines case??

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