Entrepreneurship:Business Plan for the start-up of a clothes shop in China: FRENCHY

Students are to create a Business Plan according to the guidelines

provided by the textbook. The Business Plan should cover all three

sections: Management, Marketing and Financial and also include an

Executive Summary. The instructor is interested in the "thinking"

behind the projections rather than the accuracy of the figures.


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Table of Contents Executive Summary

Introduction and Mission Statement

I/ Presentation of the company

a) The Company "Frenchy"

b) Legal Form of Business

c) Company Ownership

d) Organization of the company

e) China: area that "Frenchy" wants to exploit

II/ Market Analysis

a) China: Market Presentation

b) Middle market

c) The Chinese clothes market


III/ Current Situation Analysis

a) Analysis of the 7 P's

- Current Market position: Product, Price, Place, Promotion

- Service Business: People, Processes, Physical evidence

b) Analysis of the 3 C's

- Company (SWOT), Competitors, Consumers

c) Positioning


IV/ Marketing Strategy

a) Why do "Frenchy" expand in China?

b) Analysis of the 3 V's

c) Porter's five forces

d) Supporting Marketing Programs


V/ Implementation and Financial Aspects

a) Expenses and Liquidity

b) Company Resources

c) Key factors for the setting-up of 1 shop


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